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Inspection Services

We provide comprehensive third party roof assessments for commercial, residential and industrial properties in New York and the Tri-State area. We are the only inspection company within 129 miles of the New York downstate region with a nationally certified forensic roof inspector.

Corner of a Roof Gutter

LeakFree® Roof Inspection

Both residential and commercial properties benefit tremendously from independent roof inspections. We provide a comprehensive, but not overwhelming report that gives you an unbiased and honest assessment of the health and current condition of your roof. This 5 zone inspection is guaranteed to equip you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your roof.

Magnifying Glass

Forensic ROOF® Inspection

Whether you just had your roof replaced, solar panels installed or anything in between, a forensic roof inspection is right for you. Our workmanship evaluations confirm proper building practice or bring to light issues with installation that may void a warranty or create leaks. A third party damage evaluation may be necessary after having solar panels installed, and now you have leaks in your roof. Building code compliance for our commercial clients will bring to light any issues that may arise when obtaining a certificate of occupancy for a new build.

Drops of Water

Leak Investigation

You're noticing a leak and do not know where its coming from, or maybe you think its from the roof. We will come and perform an inspection to confirm the leak, determine the source and issue our recommendation to remedy the issue. Use our report to obtain the most accurate quote from roofers, and know what the issue is before having repairs done. If we cannot find the source of the leak, the inspection fee is waived. This is our Atlantic LeakFree Guarantee.

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Insurance Claim Inspections

Whether it be storm damage, an act of god or an environmental episode and your roof sustains damage, we will perform an insurance claim inspection. This is an inspection that is strictly focused on the damage from the event. These inspections are typically covered by insurance companies and preferred to be performed by third party inspectors. If you are unsure about filing a claim, have us out for a consultation.

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Annual Maintenance Inspection

Prolong the life of your roof with annual maintenance inspections. Some issues may go unnoticed without having boots on the roof. We will point out any deficiencies and issue our recommendation to keep your roof leak free. Don't let simple fixes become big ticket expenses due to deferred maintenance.

Roofing a House

Atlantic Quality Assurance

This service benefits everyone, from homeowners to stake-holders in developments being constructed. This unique inspection service is designed to ensure a proper roof replacement or construction. This one time fee will save you money down the road in long term expenses that could have been avoided. This consultative service encompasses a real time workmanship evaluation, manufacturer specification compliance and building code compliance inspection. This service may also be referred to as a phase construction inspection.

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