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Atlantic Quality Assurance Service

Atlantic Independent Inspections LLC provides our clients with a customized consultative service. This specialized service encompasses a complete A to Z consultation that was designed to assist homeowners with a unique inspection service that ensures proper roof installation through all phases of the project. 

Here’s what our quality assurance will do for you : 


  1. For each phase of the roof construction, an inspector is assigned to document, oversee and report on the compliance of the roof installation in regards to local code, manufacturer installation specification and workmanship. 

  2. Ensures that the roof is being built and installed correctly to comply with manufacturer installation standards so that a manufacturer warranty is not void in the event of a deficiency within the allotted warranty period. 

  3. Our comprehensive reports hold sub-contractors and roofers accountable for any damage or poor workmanship during the installation and completion of the roof.

The inspector is an NRCIA accredited forensic roof inspector, the highest-qualified individuals in the roof inspection industry. For more information on the NRCIA and the standards of practice we abide by, visit for more info.


Solar Panels Installed ?

Solar panels are considered a roof penetration and need to be installed, flashed and sealed correctly to prevent moisture intrusion. Oftentimes, we come across a roof with solar panels installed that are missing solar mount roof flashing, or unsealed areas where the lag bolt was driven and missed a rafter. It never hurts to have a second look at your expensive investment for energy efficiency.

Skylights Leaking ?

Skylights are a roof penetration and have a reputation for leaks. While you may know the skylight is the source of the leak, you may not know the exact reason or cause. This is important to understand for when you have a repair to this area performed. It is also helpful to have the knowledge and a report that determines the exact location and cause(s) for when you gather estimates for a repair.


Atlantic Independent Inspections LLC is proud to offer discounted services for first responders and veterans.

Roof Replaced Recently ?

Guarantee that your expensive roof replacement was done properly the first time. Manufacturer warranties may be voided in the event that the roof was not installed to the specifications of the manufacturer guide. Save yourself the headache of finding new leaks or damage from an incorrectly installed roof. Our reports point out deficiencies that need to be corrected and are presented to contractors from clients. Typically we conduct these inspections right after a replacement, within the workmanship warranty period offered by the contractor.

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