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Commercial & Industrial Roof Inspections

Commercial and industrial roof inspections differ greatly from residential roof inspections in many ways. This being the materials used, slope of the roof, design of the building, drainage and so on. The key to obtaining a comprehensive and professional report is to hire a qualified inspector with experience and education in commercial building structures.

Having an inspector equipped with this knowledge and experience allows us to form a general understanding of the entire building and assists us in articulating our findings in the report that better support our observations during the inspection. Performing each commercial inspection with the approach that the entire building envelope is relevant to the roof condition, provides our clients with a more in depth roof inspection and helps us to describe our findings in ways that aren't overwhelming or technically exhausting.

Similar to our residential sector, we offer the same inspections and consultative services for commercial structures.

LeakFREE® Roof Inspection 


Our LeakFREE® Roof Inspection service is a 5 zone roof inspection that provides a comprehensive report which determines the health and stability of a roof in its current condition. This is beneficial for developers, contractors, insurance and real estate brokers, to understand the roof in its current state. 


How this service benefits you : 


  1. Comprehensive number guided report that includes a photo of each deficiency and observation. 

  2. For each observation that is noted in the report, a cause and solution is included. 

  3. Aerial photo of the roof in its entirety with the observation number attached for easy reference. This is helpful when acquiring a contractor to perform repairs, as this number guided system and aerial photo give the contractor specific locations and a diagnosis to provide you with a more accurate estimate and better service. 

  4. We go further than just inspecting the roof coverings, this inspection includes the exterior, attached structures, the interior closest to the roof, roof deck area and the roof itself. This is our 5 zone guarantee. 

LeakFREE® Roof Certification


Our LeakFREE® Roof Certification is the only regulated and nationally recognized certification offered for roof systems. The purpose of this certification is not only to officially document that a roof is structurally sound, but also to provide added protection. 


Here's How : 


  1. Total assurance that the roof will remain leak free for the duration of your certification. 

  2. If for any reason a leak occurs due to normal wear and tear during the certification period, leaks will be repaired at no cost to the certificate holder. 

  3. Priority roof inspection services and assistance in filing storm trauma insurance claims. 

  4. May reduce insurance policy premiums and increase the property value. 

  5. Transferrable to an unlimited number of owners, through sale or lease. 


Forensic ROOF® Inspection


Our Forensic ROOF® Inspection service For roof assessments that are specific or technical in nature, you will need a Forensic ROOF® inspection. This is a customized roof inspection restricted to comprehensively evaluating a select attribute of the roofing system, that may include, but is not limited to, insurance claim evaluation, building code compliance, manufacturer’s installation specification compliance, workmanship evaluation, third-party damage responsibility evaluation, or referral to a specialist. Independent experts are trained in their specific areas of expertise. Each Forensic ROOF® inspection is priced and conducted, and each Forensic ROOF® report is written according to the services requested and tests required. Our Forensic ROOF® inspection report is preferred in most insurance claims and legal cases.


Atlantic Quality Assurance Service


Atlantic Independent Inspections LLC provides our commercial clients with a customized consultative service. This specialized service encompasses a complete A to Z consultation that was designed to assist developers and general contractors with a unique inspection service that ensures proper roof installation through all phases of the project. 


Here’s what our quality assurance can do for you : 


  1. For each phase of the roof construction, an inspector is assigned to document, oversee and report on the compliance of the roof installation in regards to local code, manufacturer installation specification and workmanship. 

  2. These phase inspections assist in helping to ensure that the roof passes all local AHJ inspections before issuing a certificate of occupancy. 

  3. Ensures that the roof is being built and installed correctly to comply with manufacturer installation standards so that a manufacturer warranty is not void in the event of a deficiency within the allotted warranty period. 

  4. Our comprehensive reports hold sub-contractors and roofers accountable for any damage or poor workmanship during the installation and completion of the roof. 


Annual Maintenance Roof Inspection 


This is an inspection service designed to prolong the life of your roof by performing annual inspections of the roof coverings. We uncover any deferred maintenance, damage or potential areas of concern that would otherwise go unnoticed. When these deficiencies go unnoticed or neglected, they typically become big ticket expenses. The minimum commitment is 3 years, but this locks you in at a discounted rate of anywhere from 10% to 30% from the initial inspection fee for the entire service agreement. You will also receive priority in the event of a storm related event, to determine if any damage has occurred.

What We Inspect

Our commercial and industrial roof inspections are more than just checking the roof coverings for deficiencies. We inspect 5 zones to determine the health and condition of the roof.

  • Perimeter

  • Interior

  • Roof Deck

  • Attached Structure

  • Roof Covering

Standards of Practice

To understand more about the procedures and practice regarding commercial property inspections and how these SOP's assist our roof inspections, download or view the COMSOP. A roof inspection for a commercial or industrial property is much more than the roof coverings. Understanding the structure and building envelope provides our clients an advanced report and analysis.

Commercial Properties Standards of Practice

Inspector Certifications

Infrared Inspection
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